Digital Marketing Forum 2011 are loc intre 22 si 23 februarie la Crowne Plaza. Poze de la eveniment aveti aici.

Sesiunea 1: Viitorul marketingului interactive – Evolutia marketingului sub influenta noilor media


Grant McKenzie – URSUS Marketing Vice-President


Top 10 learning for 2010

  1. Think and plan 12 months – what do you want to do with your digital brand, make the plan and decide how do you measure it
  2. Content content content – Don’t be a shipwreak – don’t start something if you don’t have content
  3. Employ people you don’t understand. They have to be from the digital world
  4. It’s still about the brand voice. Don’t try to be cool, be authentic
  5. Big brands can go niche effectively. Or should I say specific? Give reward and engagement
  6. Crowdsourcing works. No wonder agencies are terrified. Everything is digital
  7. Getting online FANS offline is easy … but it doesn’t work the other way (Calendarul Redd’s – participanti 657, fani noi 4438, voturi 5100, feed impressions 752000)
  8. Invest in training .. learn analytics – monitor &evaluate. In 2009 we had 3 campaign microsites, 1000 friends in 3 different pages, 50 inteactions per month, silence, no youtube. In 2010 one brand hub website, 14.500 fans, 2000 interactions month
  9. Clearly the best results come from a mix of online and offline integrations (concert the cranberries – 4000 fans in 3 months)
  10. Put your money and time where your mouth is


  1. consumer understaning – we build relationships in new ways
  2. communication planning – impact versus reach
  3. effectiveness and efficiency measurement – wastage is not ok in a falling market

Marketing principles

  1. Generate interest and awareness
  2. Engagement on key messages
  3. Measure all

Alexandra Mecklenburg, OgilvyInteractive Business Partner – “Social Media, Social Web & the Social Consumer”

The world consumer live in has changed

–  democratization of technology

–  growing health crises

–  urbanifying of culture

–  we all have a voice now

– experience as status

–  convenient altruism – we are all very open for helping people

– seeking value

– happiness

The social consumer

–  collaboration

–  self expression

–  immediacy – we all lost paciency so the company have to answer in at least one hour

–  value seeking


– it is not about channels, it is about ideas

– it is not about platform tactics, flashy apps – is is about understanding consumer behaviours

– it is not about pushing out your message, it is about creating entertaining and useful brand experiences

– social media is an open church, it is not the exclusive domain of one discipline

To read: The Social Customer Manifesto

5 new marketing behaviours






– join up paid, owned and earned (GoodbyeCiti – saying godbye to a car was better)

– engage with branded value (consumer want: entertain me, help me, connect me)

– build relationships and bond all ways (don’t talk to me just once a month)

– win on the digital shelp (this is the start)

– lister “all-ways” for insight  (Gatorade)

Emma Searles, Activation Director at MEC Global Solutions

Integrated strategies must align Paid (Advertising andPR), Owned (Platforms) and Earned (Behaviours)

Our strategies must be rooted in driving ongoing advocacy and brand devotees ( Engage users – Encourage advocacy  – Prompt interaction)

1. Connect owned platforms

2. Engage the existing audience and encourage conversation

3. Use content to drive desire

4. Encourage participation from new likers

5. Provide social currency through inspiring content

Reasons users engage with you

– for fun

– for expertise, support and advice

– to get the latest product info

– to be involved in a community

– just “because”

To do

– take offline owned events and use online to engage

– we don’t want users to leave our page, so do something! (don’t keep the users on just one platform)

– measure effectiveness (use multiple tools) – governance is very usefull – you need to know who is doing what so you can know who need to measure what

– voucher redemptions is starting to come alive and it is another good way to measure effectiveness (Gap free jeans giveway event – one friday)

– use Social Commerce to measure effectiveness (you can buy from Facebook)

Case Study – Pink Ponies – in USA

Catalin Emilian – Manager Operatiuni Gemius Research, “Studiu despre retele sociale – Online leading brands in Romania

Caracteristicile unui brand de succes

– calitatea produselor pe care le ofera brandul

– este cunoscut

– se vand foarte bine

Caracteristici brand prezent online

– necesitatea de a avea informatii pe internet

– calitatea informatiilor

Branduri romanesti prezente online – in ordine

Dacia 33,1%,  BCR 9,5%, eMag 5,8%, Ursus, Borsec, Petrom, ProTV

Branduri populare romanesti – in ordine

Dacia 32,8%, Ciocolata cu Rom 8%, Ursus 7.3% , Borsec, BCR

Branduri de incredere – in ordine

Dacia 26,5%, Borsec 7,3%, BCR 7,4%, Ursus, Petrom, Dorna, Ciocolata cu Rom

Prezenta online la Personal Care – in ordine

Avon, L’Oreal, Oriflame, Gilette, Nivea, Colgate, Dove, Vichy, Yves Rocher, Garnier, Blend-a-med, Gerovital

Banci si asigurari – in ordine

ING, BCR, BRD, Raiffeisen, Allianz-Tiriac, Transilvania, Unicredit

Auto – in ordine

BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volswagen, Dacia, Opel, Renault, Ford, Skoda, Toyota

Telecomunicatii – in ordine

Orange, Vodafone, Cosmote, Romtelecom, RDS, UPC

Sesiunea 2: Strategia de marketing online – Desfasurarea unei campanii cu adevarat interactive

Steffen Thejll-Moller, Digital Strategist, Fleishman Hillard Bruxelles, “We love digital”

Marketing and PR are converging. Marketing is becoming PR now.

In the digital era it’s so much to do, but no time to do it.

Content is the key, is the king, we need it!

Every company is now a media company

To do

– use digital as a key channel

– create competitive content

– talk all the time

– think about how you communicate

– showcase people and

– show some emotion

– find the insights

– know your audience

– measure exposure, engagement, influence, action


Reebok – using just de word of mouth

– 400 bloggers, viral sites, online magazines, news portals

– 18.000 youtube view, 15.000 unique visitors, 20 targeted blog features, 180 community posts

3 key take-aways

1. PR=Marketing=PR

2. You’re a media company

3. Make your content relevant

“Small Ads for BIG Companies”, Etarget, Ivan Bobal and Pavol Magic

37% of users don’t search proactive for your product but are keen to explore when the info is offered

It’s not about the size of the company.

Give the info to people when they want to read it.

There’s only 4% of users who search proactively, 96% don’t!

When users see your bilboard, why not make them see your website, facebook, page or what you want them to see.

Population Romania 22 mil, internet penetration 36%, etarget reach 40%, facebook 13%

Studiu de caz

Adrian Stanescu, Country Manager, Think Digital “The Death of Display Advertising”

Americanii vad 1.800 ad-uri online pe zi (50% din clickurile online sunt generate de doar 6% din useri)

Dintr-o rata de 0.5% clickuri,  2 sunt gresite, 1 e din accident si 1 nu asteapta sa se incarce deci doar 1 e valabil

To do:

– sa te focusezi pe realitate

– foloseste display-ul asa cum ar trebui sa fie folosite

– implica utilizatorul da-i posibilitatea sa interactioneze cu brandul tau

– foloseste cat mai mult reach media si video

– nu evita scurtaturile, comunica direct in display ( la Citi Bank, poti sa iti calculezi dobanda direct in banner)

– optimizeaza campaniile online in permanenta, nu la final, nu pentru o scurta perioada (prin targetarea corect a reclamelor sau prin mixuri de combinatii intre reclame, produse, informatii etc)

– gandeste impreuna campaniile de display si cele de search

– focul trebuie sa fie din ce in ce mai mult pe date judecate si interpretate corect

– foloseste tool-urile de targetare disponibile si tehnologia de ultima moda (secventializarea mesajului din functie de comportamentul anterior al consumatorului, targetarea comportamentala – pe baza unui comportament anterior, sa dai un ad relevant, retargetarea – daca utilizatorul a fost pe site, asa ca ai informatii despre el, deci da-i info relevante urmatoarea data cand il identifici pe internet)

– socializarea display-ului – fiecare campanie ar trebui sa aiba inglobat un factor social ( obligatoriu butoanele de like, share, tweet etc)

– nu trata diferit campaniile de display fata de cele de search – observa drumul userului in toata complexitatea lui

Daniel Enescu, Daedalus Group, Jurnal digital,

Studiu calitativ: 486 respondenti, 25 ian – 1 febr, populatie urbana, intre 15-55 ani

Share of time – internet 64.3%, tv 35.7%

Share of spending – internet 6.3%, tv 93.7%

Share activitati online – 33.4% informatii bloguri, stiri, forumuri etc, 21% retele sociale, 19% audio-video, 14% jocuri

Share activitati offline – 68% tv, 27% presa scrisa

Share of time: 55% online, 44% offline

Perioada saptamanii: in weekend se sta mai mult pe online

Sex: barbati 59% online si femei 52% online

Educatie: scazuta 64% online si 35% offline, medie 53% online si 46% offline, superioara 53% online si 46% offline

Stiri: online 71% si offline 28%

TV/radio: online 5.3% si 94.7% offline

Femei: 64% retele sociale, 77% mesagerie, 41% audio, 27% jocuri, 86% informatii

Barbati: 48% retele sociale, 51% mesagerie, 60% audio, 30% jocuri, 81% informatii

Activitatii: 84% informatii, 65% mesagerie, 57% retele sociale

In weekend: informatii, mesagerie, citit bloguri, video / In timpul saptamanii: retele sociale, presa online, jocuri online, tv si radio online (sunt scrise in ordine)

Activitati in paralel cu statul pe net: telefon 56%, discutii fata in fata 50%, mancat 46%, tv 40%, munca 36%, activitati casnice 29%, radio 15%

Cei mai activi: 25-34 ani, in weekend, venit 800-1400 ron, educatie scazuta

Cei mai putini activi: in timpul saptamanii, fara venit, educatie medie, 45-55 ani

Consumul de internet este foarte fragmentat, in sesiuni dese si scurte

Spatiul online a migrat dinspre functional/informational catre social/inspirational

Sesiunea 3: Idei pentru promovarea in social media

Ady Lita, OgilvyInteractive

– scopul unei campanii trebuie sa fie de a vinde si nu de a aduna fani

– trebuie sa stii toate topicurile despre care se discuta pe social media

– trebuie sa te adaptezi fiecarui canal si nevoilor oamenilor de pe acel canal

– trebuie mereu sa iti construiesti o marca sociala

– primul pas e sa iti construiesti un ideal, sa iti cunosti consumatorul

– pe Facebook misti mase, pe Twitter apelezi la influentatori

– incearca sa gasesti oameni care sa aiba aceleasi idealuri cu tine, ca marca

– integreaza mereu social media in intreg mixul de marketing si invata sa raspunzi imediat

Odysseas Ntotsikas – Thinkdigital “Marketing Around People”

The web experience is centering around People

– editor curated info – aol, yahoo, msn

– wisdom of crowds – digg, imdb, google

– power of friends – linkedin, facebook, twitter

– 2.9 million users in Romania (1.6 million users 6 months ago, 50% female, 50% male, 7& sub 18 ani)



– Facebook users choose a new flavor

– application to appear in a tab on the Vitamin Water Facebook Page


– costumer service centering around people

– fans on Facebook have more, book, see video, info about your destination etc


– you can buy directly from Facebook

– shopping centering around people

– with Amazon

Marketing centering around people

– brands have a voice

– even if you are not on Facebook, you are

– brands have an identity, use it

– bought to earned media (start from your own media, advertise then to drive people to your page)

– you can do on Facebook: home page, communication tools

Home page ad

– over 1.7 m romanians per day

– checking in more than once

– Like Ad, Comment Ad, Polling Ad, Event Ad

Sponsored Stories

– users speek about you

– recommendation

– word of mouth

– it’s no the brand that’s saying that, but your friend

To read




Cristina Apostolescu, MEC, “Facebook Advertising”

Cine este pe Facebook?

– 2.895 560 persoane

– 431% crestere fata de 2009

Paid + Owned + Earned = efficiency

– Paid – ads, Owned – page, Earned – user generated content

– focusul trebuie sa fie cel mai mare pe continut, apoi vine partea de PAID ca sa iti promovezi pagina si apoi feedback-ul

Pasi principali

– stabileste un plan de gestionare a owned si earned

– planificarea costurilor de campanie


– marketplace ads sau premium ads sau sponsored stories

– sponsored stories: am o prietena care a dat like la o pagina, tu le vezi in news feed dar e posibil sa treci de el; dar aceeasi informare o sa o primesti pe lateral

– buget: daca vrei awareness iei CPM, daca vrei vanzare sau o actiune clara iei CPC

– targetare: structurata (referitoare la datele primare pe care le introduc utilizatorii in profilul lor) sau nestructurata (se refera la continutul de la about,interese, likes, hobby)

– raportare: indicatori standard (afisari, click, rata de click, unici etc) plus indicator de social impressions (cati oameni au vazut adul prin sponsored stories) si indicatorul de actions (nr de like-uri pe care le dai pe ad)

– optimizarea costurilor: distribuire ad pe categorii de varste care te ajuta sa identifici segmentul potrivit, folosirea mai multor variante de targetare, setarea costului per click in marja sugerata de facebook creste sansele de reusita

– rata de raspuns pe banner in general scade dupa 2 sapt de campanie (recomandare reimprospatare)

– raspunsul userilor depinde de mesajul cerut

De citit



Diana Tulbure, Marketing Manager Discovery “Discovery Romania pe Facebook”

– televiziunea cu cei mai multi fani pe Facebook, cu crestere constanta

– fanii nostri sunt barbatii tineri, ca si pe tv

Ce am facut

– am postat despre teme de interes relevante pentru publicul nostru (design, sport, foto, gadget)

– postam tot timpul, nu doar intre 8 si 18, dar de maxim 2 ori pe zi (cu raspunsuri  in maxim 24 de ore)

– folosim limbaj normal, necorporatist, nu stergem comentarii dar avem disclaimer

Regulile noastre

– research – studiu care a identificat obiceiurile de consum si motivatiile barbatilor tineri

– se face continut special pentru pagina de facebook si se dedica si o saptamana pentru un subiect mare

– aplicatie prin care fanii vad ce dvd-uri au aparut de la Discovery si au un discount de 10%

– am integrat un tab cu conturile de Twitter ale personajelor Discovery

– comunicare integrata dar diferita de pe un canal pe altul

– “Tehnici de supravietuire” – 15.000 fani intr-o luna, 700 de participanti

– “Descopera eroul din tine” – filme in premiera inainte de tv – poza de profil schimbata zilnic, branduita conform cu evenimentul zilei


– urmarim indicatori Facebook (comentarii, fani activi, like-uri la posturi)

– urmarim audienta TV (sa vezi ce audienta au programele despre care vb pe Facebook) – “Supereroii lui Stan Lee” – promovat doar prin PR nu si pe TV, rezultat dublarea audientei – 200%)

– proiecte speciale de vanzari facute impreuna cu clientii de pe TV (Samsung Galaxy Tab – indicii date pe TV de completat pe Facebook – 2 sapt – 5 000 participanti)

Ce am invatat

– trebuie sa iti cunosti audienta si sa te adresezi unui segment clar

– concursurile ajuta dar nu pe termen lung, atrag un anumit timp de public care vizeaza promotiile plus ca este foarte suspicios

– social media nu este un job de la 9 la 17 ci este unul fulltime

Bobby Voicu “Facebook Marketing”

– se implica in general in partea de inceput a unor campanii online

1. Get fans – nu iti face cont de friends, ci de fani (vei avea extrem de multe limitari)

2. Facebook Landing Page – e de baza, trebuie sa aiba call to action (exemplu misto Liverpool FC), trebuie sa aiba o motivatie pentru care sa dea like

3. Comentarii si like-uri – probabil cel mai important element din componenta de relevanta pentru ca tu sa ajungi in news feed-ul oamenilor care il urmaresc (nu pune mai mult de 2 mesaje pe wall zilnic, obligatoriu o poza – altfel imparti reactiile). Oamenii nu stiu sa dea like si comentarii asa ca spune-le asta: “daca iti place, da like, zi ceva, comenteaza”

4. Audienta – trebuie sa ti-o identifici foarte clar, sa o verifici chiar daca iti spune clientul cum e

5. Concursuri – iti trebuie, e o problema cu Legal de la Facebook dar daca esti suficient de mic, poti face asta la limita decentei. Tine minte ca cei care vin pe concursuri vin si pleaca. Cand faci pe like-uri, fa setarile potrivite, fa un regulament strict. Pune-i la munca pe participanti.

Andrei Rosca, fondator Spada

– 61.000 bloguri monitorizate de Zelist / 52.000 articole scrise pe bloguri intr-o sapt / 40.o00 comentarii pe bloguri intr-o saptamana

– social media are multe reguli pe care noi nu le stim

– targetarea nu se mai face ca pe vremuri, nu ai cum sa o faci la fel in old media si in new media

– social media este mai degraba marketing direct decat advertising


40 fani pe Facebook

50 oameni x 35 ron = 1750

20 oameni x 25 ron = 500 ron

dar 10 dintre ei sunt deja fidelizati deci 20 mese x 35 ron = 700 ron

Total 1750 + 500 + 700 = 2950 din care 50% e profitul adica 350 euro! (e pe plus, ca taxele de SM incep de la 300 euro)

Alexandru Negrea, Social Media Manager BCR, “Campanii pe Twitter”

– e destul de greu sa vorbesti direct pe Twitter

– 200.000.000 conturi in lume, 45.000 in Romania, 3.000 conturi active, 66% sunt barbati, intra sa anunte, sa citeasca si sa afle

– scop: sa fii top of mind 95% si sa vinzi direct 5%

– cu cine lucrezi: ii alegi din zelist, influentatorii, dar ai nevoie si de o analiza a topului

– analiza rezultatelor: reactii in total, nu doar reply-uri, RT-uri etc

– tip de comportament pe Twitter: foarte scazut (citeste din reflex), scazut (da RT automat pentru ca simte se implica), mediu (da RT si intreaba ceva pentru il cunoaste pe om si a mai facut asta), ridicat (cumpara, doneaza, se inscrie pentru ca are o relatie cu acea cauza)

– au nevoie toate companiile de Twitter? – da dar nu de  cont – daca vrei sa stii ce se spune despre tine (monitorizare) sau vrei sa le si raspunzi (faci cont)

Asta a fost pentru astazi! Felicitari Cristi Manafu pentru organizare, ca intotdeauna. Pentru un liveblogging facut ca la carte, cititi-l pe Titus!

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