Interviu cu Christian Ecker, Melvita, despre miere si viata

Astazi sunt mandra sa va prezint, in exclusivitate, un interviu cu domnul Christian Ecker, International Sales Manager la Melvita International.

Melvita este o gama de produse cosmetice bio care tocmai s-a lansat in Romania pe 27 octombrie in Sensiblu Sun Plaza. Deviza lor este cea care m-a atras prima data: “Pentru ca o altfel de cosmetica si un alt mod de viata sunt posibile”.

Gama Melvita (distribuita numai in farmaciile Sensiblu) contine urmatoarele game de produse:Ape florale, Uleiuri vegetale si unt de Shea, Apicosma, Bio-excellence, Essential, Homme, Capiforce, Apele de toaleta, Sapunuri, Suplimente alimentare si Produsele stupului.

Iata mai jos mai multe detalii chiar de la Christian Ecker. O parte din intrebarile trimise sunt primite pe Facebook de la Diana Oancea, Raluca Iacobus, Ionita Raluca, IYli Iulia si Claudia Patrascu carora le multumesc.

Sabina: We welcome Melvita to Romania. Why now and why Romania?

Christian Ecker: Thank you to welcome our brand Melvita to Romania where the first clients’ feed-backs are excellent !

Melvita is a French brand that was mainly distributed in France in the organic specialized stores during more than 25 years. Our strategy is now since 1 year to propose our exclusive certified products to new markets in Europe and overseas using a new concept of shops and corners.

We decided to launch in Romania both because we found the right partner to help us and because we believe that Romanian customers are really close to our values.

Sabina: Where does Melvita’s name come from?

Christian Ecker: Melvita has been created by Bernard Chevilliat and his family in 1983. The name of the brand is inspired from Latin wordings MEL for honey and VITA for life.

Note that the very first name of the brand was Melvitaflor adding the 3rd passion of his founders : the flowers.

Sabina: What is the difference between ecologic, biologic, natural and organic?

Christian Ecker: For us both the key words are the following :

– Ecology (= protection of Nature)

– Organic (in English) / Bio (in French)

It is true that you can find all these words on the market and that many products carry them and this can give some confusion to the consumers.

We believe, as we are first consumers as well, that we need the best transparency on the products. That is why we have been acting intensively in favor of the Ecocert / Cosmebio certification of the products.

This is nowadays the most transparent approach that imposes to the manufacturers like us, to put clearly on the product packaging : the percentages of natural ingredients (water, minerals, sea products, plants, fruits for example) and the percentage of organic / bio certified ingredients.

Please note that fundamentally only plants and fruits can be organic farmed so far. This is why the percentage of organic / bio certified ingredient is only one part of the natural ingredients.

For almost all our products, we have managed to reach at least 99% of natural ingredients and we have some of the highest percentages of organic / bio ingredients possible.

Example : BIO-EXCELLENCE Day Cream – 99,47% du total des ingrédients sont d’origine naturelle and 57,63% du total des ingrédients sont issus de l’Agriculture Biologique

In this example, the remaining 0.53 % not natural are only the preservatives allowed by Ecocert (also used in food industry) to make sure the product is safe. All other chemicals are forbidden.

That is why we can proudly say that our products do not contain problematic additives commonly used in the cosmetic industry (PEG, PPG, phenoxyethanol, chlorephenesin, silicones, paraffins, parabens, aluminium chlorhydrate..)

Sabina: How ecologic are your products?

Christian Ecker: So now you understand better how natural and organic / bio our products are. Which basically means at the end of the day less ingredients coming from heavy polluting production and more organic farmed ingredients.

Which logically will conduct to more farmers moving to organic and which shall mean to have more preserved lands, animals and other human beings.

Concerning the question of ecology, we are simultaneously to the certified formulas acting at different levels :

– The choice of the packaging, the selection of the plastics and the vegetable printing inks

– The choice of the papers and cartons for our brochures

– The choice of the materials in our stores or corners (wood from organic certified forests, ecological paintings)

– Our factory based in South France is now becoming an incredible Eco-factory (solar panels, Green Roof, rainwater containers, sun holes..)

– We have made our Carbon Footprint calculation with an expert company called Pure Project and we want now to reduce and compensate our carbon impact overall

Please note also that we have also created a foundation with 2 main topics : the protection of the nature and to safeguard the bees by supporting different projects. For more info click here.

Sabina: What are the benefits of using these products on a long term basis?

Christian Ecker: We believe that the natural ingredients and especially the natural excipients / bases used in Melvita products (to replace all silicones, paraffins and other petrol derivates) are more in accordance with our skins as the skin is a living organ. Of course there are some natural ingredients that can be really active, that is why you need to be experienced and to make a lot of tests when you are producing natural cosmetics.

During many years the technology of the labs has concentrated on synthetic molecules and derivates from petrol. We have always seen more benefits for humans and for nature to use natural ingredients. And we see today that Nature can offer us incredible active ingredients, especially for anti-ageing, moisturizing, slimming, etc

You can check the very interesting properties we found for following ingredients :

– Kigelia, Stevia, Avocado, Wasabi in our BIO-EXCELLENCE range (for first signs of ageing)

– Birch sap, Schisandra, Hamamelis, Ginger for our YOUNG SKIN range

– Cyprus, Olive, Maple, Shea Butter for our MEN’s range

– Honey, Coton, Orange, Mélisse for BABY range

– Macadamia, Inca Inchi, Mamaku, Rose Hip for MUMMY range

– Acacia gum, Beech buds, Argan proteins, Borage Oil for our NATURALIFT anti-ageing range

– Fucus, Pink Coralline, Caffeine, Bellis Oil for our ALGASCIENCE slimming range

These are only a few examples of what we are using as we have today counted more than 600 natural and organic ingredients in all MELVITA ranges. Some of these actives are well known in traditional medicine and have been objectivated during the years. Some of these ingredients are new for cosmetics and have been tested more recently.

Melvita as a laboratory is conducting more and more (expensive) efficiency tests to check our formulas and to prove that Organic Certified Cosmetics can be as efficient as conventional cosmetics.

Sabina: In what conditions and for how long can you keep a Melvita product? There are brands that never pass their expiration date before they are used.

Christian Ecker: Melvita products are developed in accordance with the European Cosmetic Directive that imposes 27 months of Expiration date (closed packaging). And this is one of the interesting particularity of our brand : that is to say that we manage to have low preservative system and rather long Expiration date (we have a few secrets for this !)

Please note that the European Cosmetic Directive imposes to put the Expiration Date only when you are under the 27 months. But MELVITA has decided to put the expiration dates on all products (for more transparency !). On top of this, the Directive imposes to put the After Opening Date which is 3 / 6 / 9 months depending on the product type.

Sabina: Seeing how there has been a boom of similar products on our market, what should we take into consideration when acquiring such products in order to not be fooled by ghost-traders?

Christian Ecker: Personally I always choose my products with an official certification. And most of the Melvita employees do the same. This is the best guaranty to avoid to be fooled by the “green washers” and sometimes to ask them “why they are not certified” as they are so natural !?

Sabina: Why do non-ecological products still exist on our market? How long do you think it will be before ecological products take their place?

Christian Ecker: We would hope that only certified products can be proposed in all the distribution channels and that this becomes a general standard !

The Organic Cosmetics market is only 1% to 4% of the cosmetic market share depending on the countries. At the same time, the Organic Farming is only 1% to 10% of the agricultural land depending on the countries.

Also we would imagine that all the companies are imposed to calculate their Carbon Footprint and to take some ecological actions to reduce or compensate this impact.

We will be always optimistic to reach some higher percentages in the next years and this will probably be a necessity if we want to transmit a cleaner planet to our children.  If you are interested in this topic, you can have a look at this movie made by the French movie Director Jean-Paul JAUD, here.

Sabina: Seeing how the products don’t have a large color variety and also parabens, how do you manage to satisfy clients’ wishes to have all possible colors in their “cosmetics handy-bag”?

Christian Ecker: That is true that we don’t have any synthetic colors allowed in Organic Cosmetics. We are using natural coloring and pigments or using the natural color of some of our plant extracts.

And this is the same problem with perfume / fragrance where we are reduced to about 500 ingredients to create our compositions when conventional products have more than 2000 molecules available.

Sabina: At this time, the credibility for such products is relatively low. How do you plan on boosting people’s confidence in them?

Christian Ecker: You are right, there are some people that still think that “organic” cannot be so efficient and technological as “chemical”. But we fight every day to prove the contrary !

As an example you should discover our last novelties under Apicosma Body range that contain the first registered patent of our brand, demonstrating the efficacy of 3 organic ingredients by using some advanced Cosmetogenomic researches :

Sabina: Do you have any plans to improve women’s knowledge of eco/bio products?

Christian Ecker: We have yet to set our plan in motion, but we try to be an example with our products to propose women attractive and safe Organic Cosmetics.

Also we know that pedagogy and learning are very important, that is why we communicate a lot and very transparently with our consumers and professional partners (packaging, brochures, in-store material, trainings, social network media).

Sabina: Tell me one strong argument for which a casual Romanian women, used to buying international products, would switch to Melvita.

Christian Ecker: Try the Melvita touch ! Sophisticated and attractive textures made by French Organic Cosmetics pioneer.

Sabina: Seeing how I work in Social Media, I can’t avoid this question. Do you have any plans in this area? What are they?

Christian Ecker: We have already some Facebook / Twitter activities in different countries. Our clients like to communicate with us and with our stores.

The Melvita community is expanding every day and our plan is to organize simple and efficient actions around the brand and our stores in all the countries (Bio basket deliveries, Botanical visits, Expert conferences, electrical bicycle tour, etc)

Multumesc GMP PR pentru oportunitate si domnului Chrstian Ecker pentru amabilitatea de a raspunde atat de detaliat intrebarilor mele.

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2 thoughts on “Interviu cu Christian Ecker, Melvita, despre miere si viata

  1. Multumim si noi, Sabina! Foarte fain interviul 🙂 Felicitari tie si firmei Melvita! E bine sa stim ca avem o alternativa la cosmeticele clasice, bogate in parabeni si alte cele. Desi, daca stam sa ne gandim, cosmeticele naturale au o istorie de cateva milenii deja, asa ca ele ar trebui sa fie considerate clasice 🙂

    1. Iti multumesc si eu 🙂 A fost o adevarata onoare sa pot sa discut cu un astfel de om amabil si bine informat. Abia astept sa si incerc produsele Melvita sa vedem cum sunt 🙂 Oricum eu cred ca am aflat multe lucruri interesante de la domnul Christian Ecker si sper sa mai repet experienta si cu alti oameni importanti internationali.

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